Cramer’s game plan: How to think like Trump in next week’s massive stock rotation

Cramer’s game plan: Think like Trump in next week’s massive stock rotation

Jim Cramer expects Donald Trump's presidency to stand for lower taxes, fewer regulations and borrowing money for infrastructure.

That's just the way a real estate developer thinks.

"It's a brave new world and we are going to play that way until Trump tells us otherwise. Yes, it's the Trump stage and all the stocks are merely players in his drama," the "Mad Money" host said.

This means that stocks related to building materials, such as heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical work all went up this week. This also includes machines for building and banks to borrow money.

It also signified that money managers took the money by selling the Clinton stocks they already owned, and created a massive stock rotation in the market.

"This is the biggest rotation I have ever seen," Cramer said.

With this in mind, Cramer shared the signs and stocks he will be watching next week, to make money from the rotation.

The first thing he will be looking for is a tweet from Trump saying that he will want to issue $500 billion in Make America Great Again 30-year bonds to rebuild roads, bridges and infrastructure. He will also watch for appointments of people in his cabinet.

Will the big rotation continue?

Monday: Zoe's Kitchen
Cramer is looking for Zoe's Kitchen to shed light on what is happening with the restaurant industry to see if it can get past the pre-election gloom.

Tuesday: Home Depot
Trump's election has quelled investor fears of higher taxes and slower home spending going into the election. Home Depot has been on fire ever since, and Cramer suspects its numbers will justify the climb.

Wednesday: Target
The company must lay out a vision of how Target customers will expect more and pay less in an era when Amazon is giving them reasons not to have to walk into the store. If there is no entertainment value from Target, Cramer fears there could be only a short-lived bounce for the stock.

Thursday: Best Buy, Gap, Wal-Mart, Ross Stores, Salesforce
Best Buy, Gap, Wal-Mart and Ross Stores are all what Cramer calls "sentiment stocks." This means if the companies report anywhere near the expected numbers and declare that there will be more shopping, the stocks will go higher.

Salesforce is the kind of stock the market turned against this week, because it tends to do well regardless of the economy. Money managers want more than that, Cramer said.

Friday: Foot Locker
As the chief beneficiary from the war among Nike, Under Armour and Adidas, Cramer expects a great quarter from Foot Locker.

"Any dip, and you buy it," Cramer said.

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