Cramer's list of stock opportunities thrown away amid the big market rotation

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Church & Dwight Co: "It is out of favor because people want to own these big industrial cyclicals. They think the economy is going to get better. That's when they throw away Church & Dwight, and that's when we put Church & Dwight away. Buy buy buy a little bit on the way down, because you are absolutely right about it's long-term forecast."

Himax Technologies: "Way too high risk. We are not going to go there. I have seen that company miss a bunch of times. If we want integrated circuits, we are going to go with Broadcom."

Bank of America: "Bank of America is the stock that has pulled back from $20 to $19, and I think is a buy when it gets to $18. It's had a big run here. Let it pull back only a dollar. Those who are really aggressive, you can buy it here ... Morgan Stanley is very cheap, too."

Newell Brands: "Newell Brands is acting like Church & Dwight that we talked about earlier. It is acting like all the different soft good stocks. My charitable trust keeps buying. Again, why? Don't expect instant reaction, but remember when we had Mike Polk [CEO] on here? I thought he told a pretty darned good story, but it's a longer term story. You've got to wait for a couple of good quarters, Mike will deliver. Mike has delivered before. Mike will deliver here."

Ulta Beauty: "My thinking is the stock has spent enough time in the penalty box, even though it did an absolutely fantastic job. Mary Dillon [CEO] is going to do a good number, and therefore I think it is a buy at $240. It's one of those companies that is also gotten thrown away. Why? Because it doesn't make big machinery. It makes cosmetics. By the way, Estee Lauder and IFF have been thrown away, too. There's no hurry."

Heska Corp: "I'll see your Heska and I'll raise it with IDEXX Laboratories. IDXX, the ultimate companion animal company. Remember, that's where we first heard of the theory of the humanization of pets."

Nokia: "That's a no-go. That is in the no-go fly zone."

Qiwi PLC: "We are not going to mess with that. If we want payments, we can go either Western Union, which I like, or why not go Visa."

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