This U.S. senator drives for Uber to find out what his constituents really think

An Uber customer was surprised to see that her driver was Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE).
Zach Gibson/Getty Images

If you request an Uber in Lincoln, Nebraska, you might just get picked up Republican Senator Ben Sasse.

A few Uber passengers took to Twitter after the initial surprise of seeing that their driver was a member of Congress.

The senator, who made headlines earlier this year for refusing to endorse Donald Trump, says the gig is a way to connect with constituents and learn more about the changing economy.

By law, he can't accept payment, nor does he want to, according to The Hill. Instead, Sasse says he donates the money he earns to charity.

Sasse has a five star rating on the app, by the way.

This isn't the first time the senator has done something unconventional or unexpected. He once read mean Tweets from Donald Trump supporters on camera.

Another time, he handed out subs to fans at a football game.

Just like any other driver, Sasse has to deal with the more unpleasant aspects of the job, such as intoxicated passengers.

"Pro-Tip: If you throw up in an uber, the surcharge can be substantial," Sasse tweeted. "Upside: It's a market incentive to get drivers to agree to Sat. pm work."

Sasse isn't the only professional who has raised eyebrows by participating in the gig economy. Anthony Ponce, a former high-profile TV reporter for NBC in Chicago, quit his job to drive for Lyft.

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