Cramer's game plan: Mitt Romney could send the market through the roof

Cramer's game plan: Mitt Romney could send the market through the roof

With new money finally flowing back into the stock market, Jim Cramer placed his bet that money managers would send stocks soaring next week, depending on who President-elect Donald Trump appoints to key positions.

Politics can outrun earnings on Monday if Trump names Mitt Romney as secretary of state, Cramer said. The pair is meeting on Saturday, and while a source close to Trump told NBC News that they will discuss the top diplomat position, there's no indication yet that Trump will offer it or that Romney will accept it.

The market may rally on the perception that Trump is savvier about foreign policy than some people thought.

"A name-brand Wall Street friendly Treasury secretary on top of tabbing Romney for state would send this market through the roof, that is if there even is a roof," the "Mad Money" host said.

With this in mind, Cramer outlined the stocks and events on his radar for next week:

Monday: Tyson Foods, Jack in the Box
Tyson Foods has transformed itself from a commodity chicken producer into packaged foods, thanks to its acquisition of Hillshire Brands two years ago. While Cramer expects earnings growth to be good, he fears Tyson could fall behind the competition if the economy speeds up.

Jack in the Box will be the real test of Cramer's theory that people will dine out more after the election.

Tuesday: Burlington Stores, Dollar Tree, Campbell Soup, Analog Devices, Tech Data
Dollar Tree was crushed last time around because of the newly organized Wal-Mart. This will be a tough call for Cramer, as Wal-Mart is still aggressive.

Campbell Soup was also pounded on weak numbers in its last quarter. Cramer is concerned that there will be nothing to write home about for this quarter.

Analog Devices and Tech Data could be the stars of technology when they report, Cramer said. They have both made brilliant acquisitions lately and had good numbers even before then. He anticipates the mergers will allow the companies to stay strong in 2017.

"We are still in the throes of Donald Trump's victory and an errant Cabinet pick could send us lower," Cramer said. "But if he announces some experience hands at State and Treasury this weekend, then it might not matter what earnings we get."

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