NY Mayor de Blasio will ask the federal government for help with cost of Trump's NYPD protection

Trump presidency impacts Manhattan
Trump presidency impacts Manhattan

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio intends to ask the federal government to cover some of the cost of the New York Police Department's ongoing protection detail for President-elect Donald Trump, he said Friday.

The NYPD has already put about an additional 50 officers on each shift during daytime hours to manage the flow of traffic in the immediate area of Trump Tower, de Blasio said. He said personnel will be added as needed. The number one imperative for the department is Trump's safety and security, he said, but expressed some concern about the overtime costs for NYPD officers on the president-elect's protection detail.

"This is a very substantial undertaking. It will take substantial resources, and we will begin the conversation with the federal government shortly on reimbursement for the NYPD for some of the costs that we are incurring," de Blasio told reporters. "We are particularly concerned about overtime costs, and we think it's a very valid situation to turn to the federal government for the maximum possible reimbursement for those costs."

He noted that during his meeting with Trump on Wednesday, the president-elect expressed his admiration and appreciation for the men and women of the NYPD who are helping to protect him.

"We owe that to the president-elect, his family, his team, and that is important for all New Yorkers so that will be the most important consideration, but we believe we can balance that with a number of measures to keep traffic — both pedestrian and vehicular traffic — moving as well as possible," he said.

NYPD enforcement around Fifth Avenue will be more 'aggressive'

Retail shops along Fifth Avenue and near the Trump Tower should expect a larger police presence over the next couple of months. Enforcement in the area by the NYPD will be more "aggressive," the New York mayor said.

He noted that New York City has a long history of dealing with extraordinary events, and the upcoming holiday season will add a layer of complication to security plans. The NYPD will work with partner agencies to allow people to move freely around the location. However, avoiding the area bounded by 53rd and 57th streets and Madison and Sixth avenues, he said, would help the NYPD "manage the situation" as well as it can.

"To the extent you can avoid the immediate area around Trump Tower, that will make your own life easier and everyone else's life easier," de Blasio said. "We are devoted to making sure this city will keep moving, this is a big challenge and an unprecedented challenge, we know that, but we are committed to making it work," he said.