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Emerging markets are also thriving as the Trump trade lifts all boats

A teller at a money changer handles Indonesia rupiah bank notes in Jakarta, Indonesia November 11, 2016.
Darren Whiteside | Reuters

Emerging markets still offer opportunity for investors, several strategists say, as President-elect Donald Trump's election upset will only pause —but not end—the asset class's recovery this year. 

"Our view is the market is overreacting and that the truth and reality is somewhere in between (where) you may continue to get a strong dollar with economic growth," said USAA Investments Head of Global Multi-Assets Wasif Latif, who has $9.35 billion in assets under management. He turned slightly overweight on emerging markets from neutral early this summer. 

"If anything, our next move will be to full overweight, but it could be many years down the road," he said. "We're not reacting to our positions the way the market is."