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Actor Alec Baldwin blasts Trump in Sunday Twitter rant, offers advice

Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump trade punches on Twitter

Actor Alec Baldwin blasted Donald Trump over the weekend, but also offered some advice after the president-elect angrily tweeted about the performer's portrayal of him on NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

On Saturday night's episode, the show spoofed Trump's meeting with former Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who is rumored to be in the running for secretary of state. The president-elect on Sunday took aim at SNL, asking the show for "equal-time" — a rule used in U.S. radio and television that gives equal air-time to any opposing political candidate.

Baldwin, who plays Trump on SNL, responded Sunday with a series of tweets from the Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account. The actor wrote on Trump's criticisms about the show and offered some advice on how Trump should behave as president. Baldwin ended the rant by asking the president-elect to give him a call.

(Disclosure: NBC is owned by Comcast, the parent company of CNBC.)