Joe Biden is the only one who can put the Democratic Party back together: Ex-DNC chief Ed Rendell chairman

Fmr. Gov. Rendell: Joe Biden is the one person to bring Dems together

Outgoing Vice President Joe Biden is the "right guy, right now" to unite the Democratic Party, now in shambles after Donald Trump and Republicans dominated on Election Day, Democrat Ed Rendell told CNBC on Tuesday.

The former Pennsylvania governor, who ran the Democratic National Committee during the 2000 presidential cycle, said he'd like to see Biden lead the DNC in the wake of Hillary Clinton's defeat and the GOP keeping the majority in the House and Senate.

"I don't know if he has an interest in doing it," Rendell said on "Squawk Box" of the 74-year-old vice president. "But I think Joe Biden is the one person who I think could bring the party together — the progressive wing of the party, the left and center ... and start giving a cogent message to those working-class Democrats who abandoned us."

A number of DNC chairman candidates have emerged, with Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota seen as a top contender, ahead of the group's gathering in February to select a new leader.

Rendell would like to see someone like Ellison backing up Biden. "Joe [could] do it for two years and have people like Keith Ellison at the next rung who can generate some real activity in the states, who can take the case to voters we've ignored."