Mark Cuban: 4 things great leaders never do

Mark Cuban
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Whether you're an aspiring head of your company or are sitting in the C-suite already, it pays to know what makes a good leader. Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban believes that great managers avoid certain actions at all costs.

Here are four moves the voluble Dallas Mavericks owner and "Shark Tank" investor thinks leaders should never make.

1. Don't follow the pack

"Leaders don't conform to the consensus. They create consensus to their vision and goals," Cuban posted earlier this year on Twitter and Cyber Dust, the private messaging app in which Cuban invests.

2. Don't veer from your position

"Leaders don't change their positions mid-debate. They welcome scorn from the masses because it creates the opportunity for dialogue," he said.

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3. Don't live in the past

"Leaders don't look backwards to condemn what has already been done, they look forward to create a better future," Cuban said.

4. Don't just talk the talk

"Leaders are not dogmatic. They are principled and know that change is never easy, but when it's necessary, they must lead," he said.

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