$149 Trump ornament seeks to make Christmas great again

Source: donaldjtrump.com

Make your Christmas tree great again with a Donald Trump red hat ornament.

The $149 collectible decoration is being sold through the Trump Make America Great Committee website and is made with brass and finished with 14-karat gold. The red hat features Trump's iconic "Make America Great Again" slogan from his campaign.

"President-elect Trump loves Christmas and makes a point of proudly saying 'Merry Christmas' every chance he gets," the Trump store manager said in a statement. "This collectible ornament commemorates Trump's commitment to the Christmas spirit and will be a great addition to your family's tree this year."

The Trump store, which raises money for a Trump committee, also sells $55 sweatshirts and $35 T-shirts. Any purchases are considered donations to the organization and "are not transactions for the purchase of goods," according to the site. In other words, these are gifts they can't return after the holidays.