We stood in line for 18 hours for Snap's Spectacles. Here's what we thought of them.

People lined the streets for hours in the cold to buy a pair of Snap's Spectacles

Following in the footsteps of its neighbor Apple, Snapchat queued up fans in New York City this week for the release of Spectacles.

The $129 funky sunglasses glasses allow users to take short, first-person videos and post them to Snapchat's ephemeral messaging platform. According to Snapchat parent company Snap, the glasses will be sold in a limited quantity. Case in point: They've been sold by vending machine in random locations across the country.

The millennial-friendly devices are in such high demand that they're being sold on eBay for as much as $5,000.

If 18 hours of waiting in the cold doesn't seem like your kind of party, fear not — CNBC did the waiting for you. It turns out, while the glasses look goofy, they're worth it to up your Snapchat game and they stay on for those action shots.

— Reporting by Nina Raja and Kurumi Fukushima