Here's what Donald Trump has tweeted about the most since the election

Donald Trump
Carlo Allegri | Reuters

President-elect Donald Trump has been causing controversy with his tweets since before the election, and it seems that his Twitter happy fingers show no signs of stopping.

Since Election Day on Nov. 8, Trump has sent out 73 tweets, including one deleted tweet, according to CNBC analysis. A little more than a quarter of his statements are about the election results, upcoming recounts and unproven voter fraud. Despite the fact there is absolutely no evidence to back his claims, Trump's tweet about alleged illegal immigrant voters has been retweeted 53,000 times and liked more than 156,000 times.

PolitiFact called the claims that 3 million illegal immigrants voted this election "highly suspect" based on expert and historical analysis. Experts also told Politico previous cases of non-citizen voting were in the dozens, a far cry from the millions Trump has claimed.

Trump's next most tweeted about topic is the media, with 11 tweets about The New York Times, another six about CNN and an additional two about other media-related topics. He has also sent out 13 transition-related tweets. The deleted tweet by Trump was about Vice President-elect Mike Pence being addressed by the cast of the Broadway show "Hamilton," and Trump saying that a cast member couldn't memorize their lines.

Earlier, Trump had said he would try to curb his tweeting. In an interview with the CBS program "60 Minutes" shortly after the election on Nov. 12, Trump said he would be "very restrained, if I use it at all" with his use of Twitter when he was president. He said Twitter, along with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, helped him win races where his opponents were spending much more money.

"I find it tremendous," he said during the interview. "It's a modern form of communication. There should be nothing we should be ashamed of."

But Trump's unpredictable tweeting since has caused at least one former White House official to dub him "Dr. Trump and Mr. Tweet."

See a breakdown of Trump's post-election tweets below.

Additional reporting by CNBC's Steve Kopack.