House majority leader calls Trump 'Lincolnesque' for considering critic Romney for Cabinet

Rep. McCarthy: Tax reform, regulation & Obamacare are top priorities

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told CNBC on Tuesday that he gives Donald Trump credit for even meeting with Mitt Romney.

The California Republican called the president-elect "Lincolnesque" for considering Romey, a harsh critic during the campaign, as secretary of state.

Trump's openness to Romney shows he's thoughtfully trying to put together the best Cabinet and not just rewarding supporters, McCarthy said on "Squawk Box."

Obamacare critic Rep. Tom Price's selection to head the Department of Health and Human Services was a "great pick," McCarthy said, pointing out that Price was a doctor.

The House majority leader said he hopes to work with Trump to to repeal Obamacare, overhaul the tax code, and rein in regulations put in place by President Barack Obama.

McCarthy said the nation cannot miss the window of opportunity that a Republican White House and GOP control of Capitol Hill presents to jumpstarting the economy.