Count down to Christmas with your very own cheese Advent calendar

Source: Cheese Advent Calendar

Who needs chocolate, when you can have cheese?

After her savory spin on the traditional Advent calendar whet revelers' palettes last year, one London-based blogger will soon make her savory creation available to the public.

Annem Hobson, author of the blog "So Wrong It's Nom," is in talks with several manufacturers to bring her prototype to life. Available for celebrants' December 2017 countdown to Christmas, the original version features appearances by gouda, goat and German smoked cheeses.

So far, 7,010 people have signed up saying they want to buy one. Demand has been so high that it's caused Hobson's website to crash.

So how exactly do the logistics work?

Hobson has done "extensive research" into how the cheese will need to be packaged, as the types used need to be "'boxable' in miniature form." They also need to "stay fresh for as long as possible," she told CNBC in an email.

"The cheese will have to be vacuum sealed, so I'm eyeing up manufacturers who supply cheese to airlines, as one example," she said. "Whilst the advent calendar MAY have to be refrigerated, we will work out a design for the box so that it can be hung up on the inside of the door making it easier to instantly get to."

Hobson noted there are many waxed cheeses with a long shelf life that do not require refrigeration, and simply need to be stored in a cool place.

The calendar's price will not be set until Hobson finalizes her discussions with manufacturers and retailers. However, she hopes to "make it the best possible price for cheese fans without skimping on quality," she said.