Power Play: 10% Upside for the S&P 500

The famous bull sculpture stands near Wall Street in New York.
Michael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Stocks are soaring post-election, with the Dow rising 5 percent. For investors on the sidelines, it's may not be too late to get into the Trump rally.

Boston Private Wealth Chief Market Strategist Robert Pavlik tells CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Thursday he has a 2017 year-end target of 2,408 for the S&P 500, nearly a 10 percent upside.

"I remain positive on the markets as I believe we are in a bull market (I can't emphasis this enough)," Pavlik said.

He suggests testing the waters by investing a portion, a single percentage amount, of your investable assets into the market now.

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"If the market continues to move up, then add to your position with another small percentage amount. This way you're buying into the direction you want the market to go and you're not adding good money to bad, as so many do when the markets go south on them," Pavlik said.

The reasons behind Pavlik's bullish call include President-elect Trump's potential tax cuts, fiscal stimulus and rollbacks on corporate regulations. "Many of the plans Donald Trump has proposed will take time before their full benefits are realized. However, this is where the work of investing comes into play," Pavlik said.

Some of his favorite stocks now include Charles Schwab, Royal Dutch Shell, Nordson, Accenture and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Charles Schwab, Royal Dutch Shell, Nordson and Dick's Sporting Goods are higher during trading, while Accenture is lower.

Pavlik's bull call: 10% upside for S&P