Make Me A Millionaire Inventor: 'Just What The Doctor Ordered' Gallery

Deanne meets Johnny, an Army veteran and the inventor of the X-Suit, which can stop a soldier's bleeding on the battlefield.

Deanne tries on the X-Suit. Already she can see some of the design flaws. She plans to tell Bluefish Concepts to make the suit easier to activate and military-grade tough.

Johnny sees the new version of the X-Suit for the first time and he's blown away. He particularly likes the activation mechanism, which is now covered in Teflon.

During the field test, this soldier is able to administer first aid to himself by using the X-Suit, which means the team medic can stay engaged in the fight.

Matt Talbert the CEO of International Offset Corporation, sees the potential and makes Johnny an offer: $100K for 50% of the company. Johnny accepts!

George meets Gio at Ruchi at their college, Cooper Union in NYC. These young inventors are out to make applying stitches much easier.

George brings the non-working prototype to Bluefish Concepts but they aren't sure what they can do with it. Looks like they'll have to take the basic concept and start from scratch.

Gio and Ruchi try to make sense of the new version of their device. It looks completely different but at least it has the mechanics to work.

In lieu of a field test, Rio and Ruchi meet with local health care professional to get their feedback on their idea. The meeting goes well—they end up feeling like they are on the right track.

Jesse Draper, founder of Valley Girl Ventures, does not like that Gio and Ruchi don't have a working prototype but she wants to give them a chance. She offers them $5K for .33% so they can use that money to develop a working prototype. Deal accepted.

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