Wilbur Ross will be ‘great’ for the US, says colleague

The man selected for the post of Commerce secretary by President-elect Donald Trump is going to be great for the United States, according to a managing director at Wilbur Ross's investment firm.

Shaia Hosseinzadeh, head of energy and natural resources at WL Ross & Co, had only supportive words for the incoming president's cabinet pick.

"We all are very excited, Wilbur has been a tremendous force in our business and has been a great mentor to many of us and he's going to be great for the country," said Hosseinzadeh.

In pinpointing Ross's most defining attributes, the managing director at the investment firm - which Ross founded in 1997 and at which he currently remains chairman and chief strategist - highlighted his capacity to read situations.

"He has a unique ability to immediately identify what is the most important element in any discussion, transaction or negotiation and I think that's sort of been one of the things in my mind that's been most impressive working with him."

Wilbur Ross was tapped by President-elect Trump to join his incoming administration in the post of Commerce secretary on Wednesday. The 79-year old billionaire assumed the role of a senior policy adviser to Trump during his presidential election campaign.

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