Trump administration a 'grand experiment,' says Barry Diller

Diller on Trump: Let's see what this experiment brings

Media executive Barry Diller said a Donald Trump administration is kind of like a "grand experiment."

"Every day, we see things we've never seen before," Diller said Tuesday on CNBC's "Fast Money."

While he remains skeptical of Trump, Diller, chairman of IAC, said he's interested to see what this development will bring.

"Look, 50 percent of the country wanted things to continue as they were, 50 percent wanted change. The 50 percent that wanted change has gotten the chance for it. As far as I'm concerned, bring it on," he said.

Diller said it appears the president-elect will bring about "almost undiluted change."

One of the changes the United States will see is that Trump "is a better negotiator than someone who has trained in government," Diller said. He added that he's hopeful that Trump will actually be "really good across the table" and not "manhandle people" or "do one-off things that just sound good."

As Trump pressures companies to keep jobs in America while threatening to slap them with tariffs for moving jobs, Diller said he has a feeling he won't be getting one of those calls. When asked about his opinions on Trump's recent dealings with Boeing and United Technologies, Diller said that "it's interesting stuff" and that "it's never happened before."