Cramer on Trump: We're not used to seeing a 'negotiator-in-chief'

Cramer: We're not used to seeing a 'negotiator-in-chief'

President-elect Donald Trump is a "negotiator-in-chief," and U.S. companies will have to adapt to the new landscape, CNBC's Jim Cramer said on Wednesday.

"I think we have to get used to the idea that [Trump] said he would be a deal maker — he would negotiate," Cramer said on "Squawk on the Street." "Everything seems like the first bid on the table."

Cramer said that Trump puts out a strong position on how companies should function. In response, Cramer said, Trump expects the other side to negotiate.

"These CEOs don't know how to negotiate," he said. "They've never negotiated with a president. It's a different world ... When Obama was slamming the banks, the fat cats, it wasn't like they were down there saying, hey, President Obama, listen, we're not fat cats ... These things actually seem like negotiations. I mean, for real."

Cramer's comments come after Trump tweeted Tuesday that he would prefer to cancel an order for a new Air Force One from Boeing due to high cost. Boeing's stock took a slide after Trump's proclamation. In an interview on NBC's "TODAY," Trump defended his Twitter use, saying he is "very restrained."