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Evgeniya Kharaim: Fréolic Lingerie

Meet Evgeniya Kharaim, 27, Russian born but living in London for the last ten years. She has a bachelor degree in Banking and International Finance as well as Masters in Luxury Brand Management.

She created a luxury lingerie brand called 'Fréolic Lingerie', that's been trading since January 2016. Her aim was to create a luxury lingerie brand that uses premium materials at competitive prices. She decided to implement the skills she learned from her Masters course and an investment from her parents to make her dream come true. Evgeniya has been selling through her website and a concession in Notting Hill but want's to make a step up and reach a larger market.

In China Evgeniya wants to secure a manufacturer that can meet the standards people expect from a luxury brand whilst keeping her costs down. At the moment she manufactures in Europe, but is struggling to stay competitive. She is also looking for alternative high quality materials that she could source in China and bring to a European market.

In the future, Evgeniya wants her business to become more flexible, to fulfil customer and retail orders more effectively, and reduce her prices without compromising on quality. She wants to have lines that are on trend and current, whilst incorporating classic style elements, going toe to toe with the big names in lingerie.

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