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Joe Revell: Garçon Wines

Meet Joe Revell, 29, from London. Having got married over the Summer, he lives with his wife Kat and their French Bulldog called Womack, the celebrity of the family who has over 6000 followers on instagram.

Joe has a strong background in business, having achieved a First Class Honours degree in Environment and Business in 2009. Since then he has been involved in the music events industry, while considering business ideas on the side. The idea for Garçon Wines was conceived four years ago, and after extensive research and development, he's now ready to make it a reality.

He came up with the idea while talking about services like Graze, a subscription service for healthy food with a friend. The friend loved wine, but worked in the city and was not able to have wine sent to the office he worked in, and was often out when bottles were delivered to his home. Joe saw the gap in the market and set about finding a solution to the problem.

Accordingly, his target market is primarily 18-40 year olds, likely living and working in the city. It is people who lead busy lives and are keen on trying wines, which will play into the subscription services' option to recommend wines for you based upon what you might like.

From China he is hoping to have his revolutionary bottle manufactured in a plastics factory. He has designed it in the style of a classic bordeaux bottle except thinner and slightly longer, while importantly still being the traditional 750ml.

For the future, Joe will develop the subscription service, so that people join the 'Garçon Wines club' and are regularly sent bottles of wine every few days or weekly, bi-weekly etc depending on their preferences.

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