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Nathalie Cuffy: Lobster Homeware

Meet Nathalie, 58 from London. She has three children, Natasha (38), Simone (30), Aaron (21) and two grandchildren Meeha and Mariah.

Nathalie has been sewing since she left school at 16. One of her stand out memories was dressmaking in the West End and gaining a diploma at The London College of Fashion. She can't remember a moment she hasn't spent sewing.

As a keen baker in 2001, she found herself becoming frustrated at not being able to find her oven gloves, and tea towels in one place, so she thought... why not come up with an invention like an apron that keeps everything together, all in one place. And so, the idea for Lobster Homeware was created. She shelved the idea, but after having a heart attack her brother encouraged her to get things on the move.

The aprons are targeted at high-end shoppers, stay at home mums, and bakers. She also produces a range of aprons aimed specifically at men.

In China, Nathalie wants to expand her operation and find a manufacturer who can help her meet the growing demand for her product whilst maintaining her high standards. For her business to grow out of the confines of her dining room she has to make it work.

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