Here's the kind of stocks Cramer is watching under Trump (Hint: It's not FANG)

Cramer: I want companies with good earnings & boosted by Trump

As the Trump market rally continues, CNBC's Jim Cramer said on Thursday he's eyeballing companies that will be boosted further by Donald Trump's proposed policies.

Cramer said on "Squawk on the Street" the stocks that likely won't get an added lift by Trump's goals are FANG — an acronym created by Cramer that represent high-growth technology stocks Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet's Google.

"My problem with these is they're going to have really good earnings and didn't need Trump," He said on Thursday, referring to FANG. "I want companies with really good earnings that will be boosted by Trump."

He continued: "People don't want tuna and good taste. They want good taste and tuna. And FANG represents those stocks they know are going to do numbers."

Instead, Cramer said he's excited about the potential for companies like wholesale corporation Costco, who he says has a 34 percent to 35 percent corporate tax. Trump has vowed he would slash taxes for U.S. businesses and cut back on regulations.

"A growth stock that the numbers go up very big in 2017 if you get tax reform versus just the typical FANG good numbers," he said. "...I like a company that can cut numbers — I can raise numbers dramatically off deregulation, off corporate taxes, off of repatriation."

Disclosure: Jim Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Costco.