Jay Leno races comedian Jeff Dunham in the world's fastest amphibious car

Behold! The world's fastest amphibious car

"All right, this is stupid fun."

Sitting behind the wheel of the world's fastest amphibious car on a recent episode of CNBC's "Jay Leno's Garage," Jay Leno can't hide his excitement. He's tearing across the open water of Castaic Lake, just northwest of Los Angeles, racing fellow comedian Jeff Dunham.

They're each driving a $155,000 2016 WaterCar Panther. It looks sort of like a Jeep, and it handles like one on the road, but this vehicle is also made for water. And it's fast.

Jay Leno and Jeff Dunham race each other in the world’s fastest amphibious car.
Source: CNBC

The Panther goes about 45 mph and functions like a giant jet ski.

Built from scratch in Southern California, each Panther has a fiberglass hull that makes it perfect for both freshwater and seawater. One only has to drive it in.

Leno and Dunham do just that as they line up for a big two-mile race. Upon entering the water, they set their Panthers to boat mode, which lowers the frame as the tires rotate upward into the body.

Leno remarks, "It just feels like a car that's floating on top of the water."

Jay Leno is all smiles as he tears across the water in … a car.
Source: CNBC

And then they're off!

As they pick up speed, the front ends rise, just like a boat. Water splashes around them. And the comedians go pounding up and down the surface from buoy to buoy.

Dunham hollers, "I'm gonna get you, Leno!"

And for a while, he takes the lead. But soon Leno pulls even and they go neck and neck to the finish.

Watch the video to see these amazing WaterCars in action and to find out who wins the big race.

CNBC's "Jay Leno's Garage" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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