These Trump trades may have further room to run

Koji Aok | Getty Images

A group of S&P 500 stocks may have further room to run on President-elect Donald Trump's pro-growth economic policies, according to a new study from CNBC PRO.

The study looks at the shares Wall Street analysts are most bullish on for the next 12 months.

We first identified S&P 500 members in industries that strategists say will benefit from Trump's policies. These companies belong to areas of the market most sensitive to deregulation, increased fiscal stimulus and lower taxes.

Among those names, we then found the ones that show positive momentum since the election.

As a last step, we used analysts' 12-month price targets and ratings to identify the stocks with the most upside potential from the current levels.

Mohawk Industries, a carpet maker whose shares analysts forecast to rise another 19 percent from here, tops the list. REIT Macerich and cabinet maker Masco also made the cut.

Here's the full list: