Apple AirPods hit eBay for as much as $1,000 as shipping dates stretch past Christmas

Apple AirPods finally go on sale

If you didn't order Apple's AirPods yet, don't count on having them under the tree this year.

Just hours after Apple announced the availability of the new wireless earbuds, customers are already seeing shipping dates four weeks out, extended from the Dec. 21 date that was displayed Tuesday morning.

Predictably, some savvy buyers have already listed their $159 AirPod orders on eBay to be resold for up to $999, offering to overnight them by Christmas.

There's still hope if you're willing to visit an Apple store, where the pods are set to be stocked next week. Apple said consumers should keep checking online for updates.

"AirPods will be shipping in limited quantities at launch and customers are encouraged to check online for updates on availability and estimated delivery dates," Apple said in a statement. "Stores will receive regular AirPod shipments."