Cramer banks on the Fed to make Apple much, much juicier

Technology stocks came back with a vengeance on Tuesday with another rotation in the Trump rally, and Jim Cramer had his eye on FANG and Apple.

FANG is the acronym Cramer created to represent technology growth stocks Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, (and now Alphabet) that tend to lead the market. With a potential rate hike from the Federal Reserve on the horizon, Cramer expects a host of stocks to head higher.

"Apple might even benefit from a rate hike because it will be able to get a better return from its gigantic hoard of cash," the "Mad Money" host said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
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Apple CEO Tim Cook
"These high-growth stocks go up when inflation is tame, and what tames inflation? Rate hikes, like the one the Fed is almost certain to give us tomorrow." -Jim Cramer

Technology stocks have a pattern, Cramer said, because they never really go out of style. If it's good, investors will seethe and simmer, and then pounce aggressively when the time is right.

This age old pattern works because FANG stocks have a very good story behind them, so when a major move happens in the market and valuations become stretched, growth tech stocks don't seem so expensive versus the rest of the market.

Cramer also pointed to Apple, especially after Citigroup published research citing five reasons to own the stock. Reasons cited were tax reform that should give Apple a big earnings boost, a user base that will grow its service revenue stream, an expected iPhone 8 super-cycle, enterprise partnerships in places like India and the cheapness of the stock.

"It's not like this is some kind of totally random and unpredictable phenomenon," Cramer said. "These high-growth stocks go up when inflation is tame, and what tames inflation? Rate hikes, like the one the Fed is almost certain to give us tomorrow," Cramer said.

Historically, when the Fed tightens, buyers gravitate to companies that can keep delivering strong numbers, even with higher interest rates.

The good news is that technology and biotech stocks are among the most immune to a rate hike. Stocks like Apple, Amazon, Celgene and Gilead won't have their growth slowed by a quarter point increase of the federal funds rate, Cramer said.

"These are the rate hike stocks, and they are taking off exactly when you would expect them to. It is the rate hike playbook, and it gets dusted off every time the Fed tightens. This time is no different," Cramer said,

The only thing that Cramer thinks can knock these stocks from their stride is the expected summit between President-elect Donald Trump and leaders of the technology industry on Wednesday. Maybe these stocks will become Trump stocks, Cramer said. Stranger things have certainly happened.

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