National Holdings Corporation Responds to Inquiries Regarding Warrant Record, Ex-Dividend and Issuance Dates

NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As previously announced on October 26, 2016, National Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ:NHLD) (“National Holdings” or the “Company”), a full-service investment banking and asset management firm, established December 9, 2016 as the record date for the distribution as a dividend of warrants to purchase shares of the Company’s common stock. The distribution of the warrants was contemplated by the Agreement and Plan of Merger dated as of April 27, 2016 by and among National Holdings, Fortress Biotech, Inc. and FBIO Acquisition, Inc.

In response to shareholder inquiries, the Company wishes shareholders to carefully read this release so they fully understand the warrant issuance process.

As a result of “due bill” trading procedures, those persons who held shares of common stock as of the record date, or who acquire shares of common stock in the market following the record date, and in each case who continue to hold such shares at the close of trading the date before the ex-dividend date to be established by The Nasdaq Stock Market, will be entitled to receive a warrant to purchase one share of common stock for each share of common stock owned by such person as of the ex-dividend date at an exercise price equal to $3.25 per share.

Conversely, those persons who held shares of common stock as of the record date, or who acquire shares of common stock in the market following the record date, but in each case who do not hold such shares of common stock at the close of trading on the date before the ex-dividend date, will not be entitled to receive any warrants with respect to the shares that were sold by such person prior to the ex-dividend date.

Therefore, a shareholder selling their shares prior to the ex-dividend date would not receive the warrants on those shares even if they held the shares on the Record Date of December 9th, since the shares sold would be accompanied by a “due-bill” entitling the buyer of those shares to receive the warrants.

To prevent confusion in the market place shareholders are cautioned that being a shareholder of record on December 9th and selling those shares before the ex-dividend date means the shareholder has “sold” their right to receive the warrants despite the fact that they held the shares on December 9th. The “right” to be entitled to receive a warrant technically “attached” itself to the share on the Record Date of December 9th and travels with the share if it is sold prior to the ex-dividend date. The actual right to receive the warrant requires still holding a share until the ex-dividend date. Shareholders should consult their broker or financial advisor as to the first day when shares could be sold and the warrant retained.

National Holdings has applied to list the warrants on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol “NHLDW”; however, there can be no assurance that such application will be approved, nor when the warrants will be issued and distributed.

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