10 high-paying jobs where you don't have to sit at a desk all day

Tired of your desk job? These jobs pay well and will get you moving.

The bad news is that health experts now warn that sitting too much can kill you. The good news is that not every well-paying career requires workers to be in a chair all day. You can make a lot while also getting to move a lot.

Using data from CareerBuilder and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNBC has compiled a list of ten non-desk jobs that pay more than $25 dollars per hour, or $52,000 per year.

10. Mechanical engineering technicians

These technicians modify or test equipment for engineers or physical scientists. They spend a lot of time on different locations, and they make an average of $56,390, or $25.92 per hour.

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9. Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers

Telecommunications equipment specialist spend much of their days visiting different home and business locations that need installations or repairs. They make an average of $54,510 per year, or $26.21 per hour.

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8. Occupational therapy assistants

These therapy assistants help patients develop and improve skills to live and work better. They often stand or move around while working with patients. The make approximately $58,340 per year, or $28.05 per hour.

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7. Avionics technicians

To keep air crafts safe and efficient, avionics technicians inspect and repair specialized equipment, often while standing. These professionals make approximately $60,200 per year, or $28.94 per hour.

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6. Boilermakers

Winter is a busy time for boilermakers, who fix and maintain stationary steam boilers and boiler house equipment. They often make several location visits in one day. The job pays approximately $60,660 per year, or $29.16 per hour.

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5. Electrical power-line installers and repairers

Installing and repairing power-lines requires work outside on your feet. These professionals make about $65,650 per year, or $31.57 per hour.

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4. Diagnostic medical sonographers

A medical sonographer uses special imaging equipment to take medical images or conduct tests, which help physicians assess medical conditions. The profession pays approximately $66,360 per year, or $31.90 per hour.

David P. Hall Creative/Getty Images

3. Dental hygienists

Moving from patient to patient every hour, dental hygienists help dentists examine and clean teeth and even perform some procedures. The job pays approximately $72,720 per year, or $34.96 per hour.

HconQ Creative/Getty Images

2. Elevator installers and repairers

When an elevator needs to be fixed, these specialists get to work. The job pays approximately $77,350 per year, or $37.19 per hour.

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1. Criminal investigators

Detectives and criminal investigators work on the local, state or federal level to help solve and prevent suspected crimes. They make approximately $79,620 per year, or $38.28 per hour.

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