How much do you really know about your partner's money habits?

Young couples reveal their first arguments about money

Nowadays, more and more couples choose to live together before making the decision to get married.

Cohabitation has its upsides: You have the opportunity to learn about the habits and quirks of your partner before committing to a lifetime together. Maybe you didn't know dirty towels on the floor was your deal-breaker! It's good to find that out early on.

But moving in with a partner before marriage, or before you start talking about marriage, also has its drawbacks. It tends to be unceremonious. You sign a lease, you both pay half of the rent and ... done. Easy, right?

Sure, except, what happens when one of you gets a major raise? Will that person start paying more in rent? What if one of you loses your job and can't afford to pay the bills? Does the other person pay double?

Do you want to pay for a cleaning service or are you willing to mop the floors? Is your pricey habit of taking cabs every day annoying to your partner, who's trying to save for the future? How much should you be saving, anyway?

Money can be hard to talk about, but once you live together, it's an even harder subject to avoid.

Jaya and Matt, contestants on Make It's "Love Bank"

CNBC put couples to the test, game-show style, to find out just how much they have figured out about the way they handle money as individuals and as a pair. Though all the couples are living together, some are married, some have kids, and one couple had signed a lease only two months before.

We asked all of them questions about their partner and about themselves. Matching answers helped them raise their score, and winning couples got to advance to the final round and a chance to compete for $1,000.

The one thing all of these couples have in common? All of them were confident they would do well, but all of them, at one point or another, found themselves bombing.

We asked about credit scores, bad money habits, regrettable splurges, in-laws, and who pays when the check arrives after a dinner date.

Could you answer these questions? Could your partner?

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