Sumner Redstone's ex-girlfriend now suing his daughter Shari over alleged violation of privacy, breach of contract

Shari Redstone, Vice Chair of CBS and Viacom and Co-Founder of Advancit Capital, speaks during the New York Times DealBook conference in New York, Nov. 10, 2016.
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I spy .... yet another lawsuit involving the Redstone clan.

The former girlfriend of media mogul Sumner Redstone is now suing the billionaire's daughter, accusing Shari Redstone of privacy violations — which allegedly included having Sumner's nurses spy on the once-happy couple and dishing to Shari on their "sex life."

Sydney Holland
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Sydney Holland's legal action Thursday comes three days after Holland filed a cross-complaint against the 93-year-old Redstone himself.

In that prior filing, Holland, 45, claimed Redstone had paid many millions of dollars to multiple women for sexual favors — including a would-be reality TV producer who got $21 million — while he was romantically involved with Holland.

Shari Redstone is the vice chairman of both CBS and Viacom, each of whose controlling shareholder is her father. Shari Redstone could not be immediately reached for comment.

Holland's legal actions come in reaction to a recent lawsuit by Sumner Redstone against her and another ex-girlfriend of his, Manuela Herzer.

Redstone's suit alleges that Holland and Herzer conspired to emotionally manipulate and abuse him so that he would give them gifts totaling $150 million over the years.

Holland in turn has argued that Redstone gave her those items willingly, while in sound mind, just as he gave a flight attendant on a CBS corporate jet $18 million and her sister $6 million. She is seeking to hold Redstone to his purported promises to financially support her and her young daughter.

In response to Holland's new claims against Shari Redstone on Thursday, Sumner Redstone's legal team said: "Through her frivolous cross-complaint, Sydney Holland has adopted the same pathetic tactics as her cohort, Manuela Herzer. We expect the jury will see them for who they truly are."

Sumner Redstone
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Holland, in that cross-complaint, claims that when she and Sumner Redstone were living together, Shari secretly paid her father's household nursing staff to spy on Holland "and invade Redstone and [Holland's] privacy."

All this was done by Shari, according to Holland's court filing in Los Angeles, "to discover confidential information she could use to oust [Hollland] from Redstone's life."

The cross-complaint names three of Sumner Redstone's household employees as defendants as well, accusing them and Shari Redstone of intentionally interfering with Holland and Sumner's relationship.

The complaint claims that in 2013, Shari Redstone hired a private eye to snoop on Holland in hopes of discovering "damning" information about her that would cause her father "to exile" Holland from his life.

When that didn't pan out, the suit claims, Shari asked one of Sumner Redstone's nurses to "be her key insider," and secretly share "private on-goings" in the Redstone residence and report to Shari.

The complaint says he and the two other nurses, in violations of confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements they had signed, "transmitted highly confidential and private information to Shari" without consent of Sumner Redstone or Holland.

That included, the complaint says, "secretly taping conversations between Redstone, [Holland], and their lawyers; listening in to [Holland's] and Redstone's conversations about marriage and adoption"; documenting the couple's respective schedules and who visited their home; and "talking about Sydney and Redstone's sex life."

The nurses also are accused of "repeating [Holland's] and Redstone's conversations about Redstone's sensitive medical information" to Shari.

In addition to privacy violation claims, Holland accuses Shari of inducing Sumner Redstone to break his "valid oral contract" with Holland to provide for all of her "financial support and needs for the rest of her life in the same style and manner that were established during" her relationship with Redstone.

Holland's filing says "Shari and Redstone have always had a tumultuous relationship," and that "for long bouts Redstone and Shari were estranged because of Redstone's long-held position that Shari was unfit to be his successor."

"Nevertheless, Shari kept fighting for control of her father's empire," Holland's suit said. "She knew that the only thing standing in her way was Redstone himself. That was, until, Redstone fell in love with Sydney."

The complaint says Redstone and Holland met through through celebrity matchmaker Patti Stanger, which was followed by their engagement in 2011 and Holland moving in with him. Holland claims that in the first few years of their relationship, she "worked hard to try to bring the feuding family together."

The suit contains several photos of a smiling Shari Redstone with Holland, and others, including Sumner Redstone.

But, the suit adds, "Redstone and Holland sensed increasing hostility and jealously from Shari shortly after [Holland's] daughter was born, whom she inevitably saw as an additional threat to her eventual multibillion-dollar empire." That child is not Sumner Redstone's, although Holland has said he stated he intended to adopt her.

The complaint says that Shari's hostility "boiled over" in mid-2014 when she hired lawyers and threatened to sue Holland and Herzer for exercising "undue influence" over her father.

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