Apple's replacement AirPods cost $69 each

Apple's new untethered earbuds will cost you a pretty penny if you lose one, according to the company's website.

Losing a component — either bud or the case — is not covered by warranty, but instead the components can be replaced individually for a $69 fee. While that's better than buying a whole new set for $159, if you end up replacing every component, the replacements add up to $207.

Apple AirPods
Beck Diefenbach | Reuters

A defective battery is covered by the warranty, and battery services from normal wear and tear is $49 per component.

The pricey AirPods, sporting a special chip that's said to be superior to Bluetooth, are a new spin on Apple's iconic white earbuds from the iPod days. They debuted in September alongside the new iPhone 7, which lacks a 3.5-mm headphone jack, and can switch from Macs to Apple Watch to iPhone with a seamless connection.

Apple AirPods go on sale
Apple AirPods go on sale

But the AirPods have not hit the market with the ease of their simple, free predecessor. Rather than being packed with the phones, the AirPods are sold separately. AirPods were delayed from their original late October shipping date, missing most of the key holiday season.

Despite criticisms that they "look odd" and have some glitches, AirPods quickly sold through stock when they went on sale at this week, with shipping dates now up to six weeks out. Indeed, AirPods were listed for as high as $2,000 on eBay.

Ben Bajarin, a global consumer tech researcher at Creative Strategies, came out in praise of the AirPods on Twitter, saying they didn't fall out during rigorous activity.

Tweet: I feel confident in saying, all those who have been worrying about Apple's ability to surprise and delight will be pleased with AirPods.

Tweet: Very quickly you realize the AirPods are so much more than just earphones. The Siri integration makes them feel like computers in your ear.

AirPods are expected to hit stores next week, Apple said, possibly as soon as Monday morning, a retail source told blog MacRumors.