Trump reportedly not planning to divest from his businesses

Donald Trump may not divest from his businesses
Donald Trump may not divest from his businesses

As the clock counts down until President-elect Donald Trump enters office, a new report says that Trump will not divest from his businesses.

Although he will not divest, Trump will not be involved with the businesses, Wall Street Journal reporter Monica Langley told CNN on Thursday.

"He's not going to divest them," she told CNN. "He is going to lay out how he will not be involved at all. But he's going to still plan to own it and the reason they're not going to sell it ... is at first everyone thought, 'Well if they sold it, it'll be a fire sale.'"

Instead, his two older sons will focus on the businesses while Trump focuses on running the country, she said.

Concerns about potential conflicts of interest surrounding Trump's holdings have been rampant since Trump unexpected victory.

Trump canceled a news conference scheduled for this week to address the issue. He is now expected to talk about it in January.

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