The 10 jobs with the biggest annual cash bonuses

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It's not just the nation's top executives who are bringing home hefty bonuses. Radiologists, for example, can enjoy an extra $48,000 tacked onto their salary each year.

That's according to LinkedIn, which used its salary tool to identify the 10 careers that offer the highest annual bonuses, not including C-suite titles. (See the full methodology here.)

To give you a point of reference, the average U.S. professional earns an annual bonus of $5,225, LinkedIn reports.

If you hold one of these positions, or are expecting an end-of-year bonus, read up on the smartest ways to spend it.

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10. Equity research analyst

Annual cash bonus: $30,000

9. Senior corporate counsel

Annual cash bonus: $31,000

8. Senior portfolio manager

Annual cash bonus: $34,000

7. Global marketing director

Annual cash bonus: $34,500

6. Commercial director

Annual cash bonus: $35,000

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5. Medical director

Annual cash bonus: $40,000

4. Investment banking analyst

Annual cash bonus: $45,000

3. Radiologist

Annual cash bonus: $47,500

2. Surgeon

Annual cash bonus: $60,000

1. Investment banking associate

Annual cash bonus: $100,000

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