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Oracle employee resigns after CEO sides with Trump

Oracle employee quits after CEO joins Trump's team

An Oracle employee has publicly announced his resignation via LinkedIn after learning that Safra Catz, CEO of the software firm, joined U.S President-elect Donald Trump's transition team.

In a post addressed to Catz on Monday, George A. Polisner, who managed Oracle's Cloud services, described how he refused to help Trump "in any way." Fierce opposition to Trump's retirement, social and economic policies led Polisner to resign from Oracle, which he referred to as "a once great company."

Polisner started working at Oracle in 1993 and has since worked in a range of roles, including consulting, product development, customer advocacy, program management and Cloud, according to his post.

The addition of Israeli-born Catz to Trump's team was made public on Dec. 15 after the President elect held a meeting with several tech executives. She will remain as Oracle CEO while working with Trump, and has not yet made a statement about Polisner's departure.

Read Polisner's LinkedIn post here.

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