10 of the most popular homes for sale in 2016

Photo courtesy Trulia

The most popular homes for sale in 2016 reveal a deep fascination with the tiny-home craze as well as curiosity about the choices of the 1%.

Residential real estate site Trulia ranked the most popular listings this year and then curated a representative list of 10 of the most-searched posts.

From life with a butler to life unplugged, the site's top 10 listings show that "home" means something different to everyone.

$37,500, River Canyon Road, Imnaha, Ore.
Photo courtesy Trulia

1. $37,500, Imnaha, Oregon

This tiny home is a grand total of 196 square feet and doesn't yet have electricity or running water installed. What the place lacks in size it makes up for in affordability: The estimated monthly mortgage payment is $178 for a standard 30-year fixed mortgage.

Photo courtesy Trulia

2. $8.235 million, Ashland, Oregon

This sprawling 9,000 square foot mansion, located halfway between San Francisco and Portland, comes with more than 700 acres of land. The house is lush with detail like curved hand-carved wood floors and whimsical woodland banisters carved to resemble trees branches.

$435,000, 4501–4509 Anthony Isl., Hustisford, Wis.
Photo courtesy Trulia

3. $435,000, Hustisford, Wisconsin

A fully furnished family cottage on private Anthony Island in Lake Sinissippi built in 1929 comes with a smaller side cottage, also fully furnished. The estate includes 180 feet of lake frontage and several vehicles, including a pontoon, so you don't even have to BYO boat.

$349,000, 19359 N. 4000 E, Whiterocks, Utah
Photo courtesy Trulia

4. $349,000, Whiterocks, Utah

In an ever more connected life, there's something alluring about living completely off the grid. This solar-powered one-bedroom, one-bath cabin sits on 20 acres of land with a spring that provides drinking water.

$165,000, 7717 Sandlewood Drive NW, Albuquerque, N.M.
Photo courtesy Trulia

5. $165,000, Albuquerque, New Mexico

There's something appealingly normal about this cheerful, airy and affordable three-bedroom Southwestern home.

$515,000, 17 Earthship Way, Taos, N.M.
Photo courtesy Trulia

6. $515,000, Taos, New Mexico

This environmentally friendly off-the-grid house includes an interior greenhouse that runs the length of the building and a fish pond that feeds another vegetable garden. Built by architect Mike Reynolds and his Earthship Biotecture team, the structure slopes into the ground and is located on a small lot that is part of the 340-acre sustainable living Greater World Community.

Photo courtesy Trulia

7. $85 million, New York, New York

This floor-through lures buyers with deluxe amenities, including a $1 million dollar yacht with docking fees for 5 years, standing dinner for two every week at the two-Michelin-star restaurant Daniel for a year, court-side season tickets to the Brooklyn Nets for a year, live-in butler services for a year, a Hamptons mansion rental for one summer, two Rolls Royce cars and a private chef. The building offers free daily breakfast and a cross-town shuttle bus.

The apartment's nice too.

Photo courtesy Trulia

8. $174,995, Houston Texas

This on-trend, two-bedroom, two-bath home is built from recycled shipping containers. The home has nice touches, such as granite counter-tops. And it's within commuting distance of downtown.

Photo courtesy Trulia

9. $699,000, South Lake Tahoe, California

This simple one-bedroom cabin built in 1960 sits on the side of a mountain where it offers spectacular views of skiing spot Lake Tahoe.

Photo courtesy Trulia

10. $69,900, Linden, Tennessee

This paradise for Marie Kondo devotees is a grand total of 153 square feet. There's not room for much more than a bed and a chair; there's not even a stove. The tiny house does, however, come with two acres of land and costs only $323 a month for a typical 30-year fixed mortgage.

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