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NYPD gives all-clear after suspicious package prompts brief evacuation of Trump Tower

In this file photo, a member of the New York Police Department stands in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.
Timothy A. Clary | AFP | Getty Images

Law enforcement gave the all-clear after a suspicious package led to a brief evacuation of Trump Tower on Tuesday.

A senior New York Police Department official told NBC News that the package has been cleared and "deemed safe." The official said that children's toys were found inside the bag.

NYPD said the bomb squad was made aware as part of routine procedure after a suspicious knapsack was found in the lobby of Trump Tower.

@JPeterDonald: All clear at Trump Tower following the earlier suspicious package in the lobby

President-elect Donald Trump and his family were not in the building at the time. Vice President-elect Mike Pence was in Indiana.

Earlier, videos posted on social media showed police ushering people out of Trump Tower.

@cielo_celest: I think he's here

— NBC News contributed to this report.