Blue Collar Millionaires: The Flooring King Slideshow

Meet Antonio Sustiel, the Flooring King. Antonio has earned $40 million dollars by selling and installing laminate flooring.

Before he got into the flooring business, Antonio used to buy and sell perfume and cologne.

Antonio makes a habit of answering his cell phone every time it rings. He credits this habit with his success.

Work hard, play hard. Aside from his $4.5 million dollar mansion, Antonio owns several expensive, luxury cars.

Meet Brian Lofgren. He's a second-generation sediment remover who earns about $2.5 million dollars a year in Washington State.

Before he started his own business, Underwater Earth Mover, Inc., Brian worked for other sediment removers to learn everything he could.

When Brian is not digging up the waterways to remove sediment, he's usually digging in creeks, looking for gold.

Brian credits all of his success to his father, a retired hydraulic dredging engineer, for teaching him the trade.

Meet Simone Bruni, a pink-clad Demolition Diva who earns $5 million dollars a year demolishing buildings in New Orleans.

Before ending up in construction, Simone worked as a professional party planner, a job that got her used to dealing with logistics.

Simone prides herself on bringing a bit of emotion to her profession. Here, she comforts a woman whose home is being demolished.

In her spare time, Simone has sponsored more than 400 local girls to play flag football.

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