Blue Collar Millionaires: The Legend of Mickey Redwine Slideshow

Nope, it's not Bozo The Clown. Meet Mickey Redwine, a man who made his fortune installing fiber optic cables in hard to reach places.

Mickey started working in the cable installation business because it paid $100 per day. He learned the business from the ground up.

Mickey always takes the jobs that are too difficult for others to fulfill. Case in point: He dug up a cobblestone street and numbered the bricks so he could put them back in the same order.

Mickey is never not working. In addition to being a CEO, he is also a fully licensed police officer -- a position he fulfills without pay due to his considerable wealth. He even purchases his own police equipment.

Meet Connie, the millionaire "Asphalt Chick." She blew the whistle on an embezzling boss and wound up taking over the company.

Since Connie owes quite a bit to the kindness of strangers, she never forgets to pay it forward. Here, she gives one of her deserving employees a brand new SUV.

The original owner of Connie's asphalt company is a man of his word. When he promised Connie that she could have the company, she learned everything she could about the industry and it paid off.

Since she couldn't afford to travel when she was younger, Connie never misses the chance to splurge on a big trip And she often brings her family and friends with her.

Meet Mike. He builds cars from scratch. But not just any cars -- he makes custom, one-of-a-kind luxury cars.

When Mike first started out, he liked to build cars that looked like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but both companies told him to stop. Now, he makes more money creating unique cars.

Here are three of Mike's latest creations. Each of them is 100% original and very expensive. His cars can cost as much as $250,000.

Inside the airplane hanger house that he built with his wife, Mike enjoys riding in a small elevator that operates via vacuum suction.

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