New York City wants information about where Uber is taking you, the company says

Eduardo Munoz | Reuters

New York City wants to know where Uber is taking you.

In an email sent out this week, the U.S. ridehailing service urged customers to "send a clear message" to the city government in response to a request for "sensitive personal passenger data."

Uber said the city now requires it and other companies to disclose where you're picked up on every trip. Now, the city is trying to force companies to reveal drop off information too, Uber said.

"In other words, they want to piece together the full details of every trip you ever take. Several independent privacy experts have said this policy creates 'serious privacy risks,'" Uber said in the email.

"And that it would give the government 'and anyone else who accesses this information a comprehensive, 360-degree view into the movements and habits of individual New Yorkers.'"

Last month, Vice News reported the New York City government said it needed Uber's information to make passengers safer, saying it will use the data in order to better measure and combat "driver fatigue."

The City of New York did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

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