VC pioneer smacks down Apple's chance of winning the tech race to a $1 trillion value

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Ever since Apple reached an all-time high valuation of $774 billion early in 2015, many technology industry experts have predicted the stock would be the first ever to reach a $1 trillion market capitalization.

Ann Winblad, entrepreneur-turned-venture-capitalist with over 30 years in the tech industry, is not one of them. She told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Thursday she thinks the first $1 trillion company will be Google-parent Alphabet.

"But it will be a tight race with Microsoft and Amazon," said the co-founder of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, which opened its doors in 1989 with a mission to fund early-stage enterprise software companies. "I don't get paid for recommending stocks."

In a point-by-point takedown, Winblad's overall analysis basically argues that innovation at Apple is not keeping up.

"Even Microsoft is making headway with their hardware Surface against the [MacBook Pro]," she said, adding that Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri is falling behind Amazon's Alexa in the artificial intelligence space.

"The 'connected everything,' look what's happening at CES, Amazon is not even there, and they're capturing all the headlines," she said. It's worth noting that Apple is not at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, either.

Apple's highest market value eclipses those of Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft, according to FactSet Research.

Company Current price Percent from all-time high All-time high date All-time high market cap All-time high market cap date Current market cap
Apple$116 -13%4/28/15$774B2/23/15$619B
Alphabet$812 -3%10/28/16$575B10/25/16$551B
Amazon$771 -9%10/6/16$401B10/5/16$368B
Microsoft$62 -2.60%12/22/16$613B12/27/99$484B

While all four stocks, as of midday Thursday trading, were lower than their record highs, Apple's fall was most pronounced at 13 percent, compared to declines of nearly 9 percent at Amazon, about 3 percent at Alphabet and roughly 2.6 percent at Microsoft.

But currently Apple is still winning the tech market cap race by nearly $70 billion or 11 percent over its closest rival Alphabet, by a whopping 50 percent margin over Amazon and about 24 percent over Microsoft.