Trade, not trade wars, will bring back American manufacturing, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich says

Intel CEO: Need to make the US more competitive for manufacturing

U.S. policies shouldn't push our country closer to trade wars or impose limits on our trading partners, but they do need to boost America's place in global trade, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told CNBC on Friday.

"The real answer is not a trade war, it's not restrictions. It's really about making the U.S. more competitive," the tech executive told "Squawk Alley." "Lowering the tax rates, making it easier for people to do manufacturing here ... that's what will bring manufacturing back to the U.S."

Krzanich said that was a major topic of discussion at President-elect Donald Trump's December meeting with major U.S. tech CEOs, which Krzanich attended.

When asked about the prospects for a new administration that runs the risk of heightening trade tensions with major players like China, Krzanich said he actually sees a lot of opportunity.

"Our major manufacturing is in the U.S., yet we export 75 percent of our product. We're the second-largest exporter in the United States. So we consider ourselves kind of the role model manufacturer," he said.

Krzanich also highlighted the company's ties to China, which has emerged as a target of the president-elect's criticism.

"China's an important market for us, it's the fastest growing market we have, and so … for us it's constantly balancing between great relationships with China and growing there but also the manufacturing presence here in the U.S," Krzanich said.

Krzanich spoke to CNBC from Intel's booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.