Trump says constructive Russia relationship 'a good thing', vows mutual respect

Donald Trump
Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

President-elect Donald Trump reiterated his constructive stance toward Russia on Saturday, saying in a series of posts on social media that he was committed to having a "good relationship" with the country based on mutual respect.

In a series of tweets, and with controversy still swirling around Russia's role in a series of high-profile cyber attacks, Trump appeared unbowed by accusations that Russia successfully interfered with the November election. Trump asserted that the country "would respect us far more than they do now" in the future.

Trump tweet 1

Trump tweet 2

The posts came just as U.S. intelligence agencies met with the president-elect on Friday, and issued a report that fingered Vladimir Putin as having personally directed cyber attacks that influenced the general election vote. For his part, Trump has maintained a studious skepticism about Russia's involvement, insisting that he wanted to be certain before taking any action.

Trump tweet 3

Over the last several weeks, Trump has publicly and pointedly questioned the assessments of U.S. intelligence agencies on Russia, while refusing to criticize Putin.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin openly mocked the assertions of the Central Intelligence Agency's report. Since Friday, Russian officials have done what Trump has been wont to do: Taking to Twitter to dismiss the criticism and counter accusations of wrongdoing.