Ex-CIA chief warns Trump to beware of tweeting after Inauguration Day

Trump should be careful about Twitter after Inauguration Day, ex-CIA chief says

When he officially takes office next week, Donald Trump should really think twice about tweeting, James Woolsey, ex-CIA chief and former senior advisor to the president-elect, told CNBC on Monday.

Trump should re-evaluate his use of Twitter with "fresh eyes" after the inauguration, because "governing in 140 character transmissions is a lot harder," Woolsey said on "Squawk Box."

Without elaborating, Woosley argued there could be some circumstances in which Twitter would be effective for Trump as president.

The Constitution has survived many tests, but figuring out how to deal with Twitter is a "whole new ballgame," he said. To ensure security, it's going to take "creativity" to manage a tweeting president, he said.

There's no doubt Trump used Twitter "effectively in the campaign," added Woolsey, saying the billionaire real estate mogul-turned-candidate put tweeting firmly in the lexicon for future political races.

Until Trump actually takes the oath of office, his use of Twitter is neither a plus nor a disaster, said Woolsey.

Woolsey, formerly director of Central Intelligence under Bill Clinton, said he volunteered in September to advise candidate Trump.

But he said he announced his departure last week from the Trump transition team because he wasn't being asked to do anything since the election, and didn't want to give the impression that he was continuing to advise the president-elect.