Investors desperately need tax reform details from Trump, policy analyst says

Treyz: Investors need tax reform details desperately

President-elect Donald Trump didn't address tax reform in his first postelection news conference, and that could indicate the much-anticipated corporate tax cut may be slow to come, policy analyst Henrietta Treyz told CNBC on Wednesday.

She said investors need to know whether Trump is going to follow through with his promise of a 15 percent corporate tax rate or go with House Speaker Paul Ryan's proposal of a 20 percent rate.

"That small differential actually has huge implications for things like border adjustment, how we tax imports in this country, whether there are any carve-outs for specific industries. We need those details desperately," the vice president at the financial research firm Height Securities said in an interview with CNBC's "Closing Bell."

Right now there is a huge disconnect between what politicians in Washington are prepared to move forward on and what investors are expecting, Treyz noted.

"There are some holding out hope for a comprehensive, massive 15 percent corporate tax rate reduction by March," she said. "That's not an appropriate expectation and Trump not even mentioning it today is an indicator of that."

She isn't optimistic anything will pass in Congress before June.

"That alone is going to be a negative headline for investors to digest."