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This website lets anyone access your personal information for free

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Websites have long been compiling personal information and making it searchable, but one website has now made that information much more easily accessible to anyone and, unlike other comparable sites, for free and without making an account, reports The Washington Post.

FamilyTreeNow.com pulls its information largely from the public records, compiling profiles on people that "include the age, birth month, family members, addresses and phone numbers for individuals."

This poses a safety risk for people with dangerous occupations, such as social workers or police officers. They or their family members could be targeted by disgruntled individuals using the information FamilyTreeNow provides.

The website allows you to opt-out, although you may have trouble getting your request through, according to The Washington Post.

CNBC has reached out for comment to FamilyTreeNow via Twitter, but has yet to receive a reply.

Read more at The Washington Post.

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