21 obnoxious business buzzwords you should erase from your vocabulary

The worst workplace buzzwords

"Think outside the box." "Keep your eye on the ball." "Take the bull by the horns."

Workplaces are full of cliches and buzzwords, most of which are over- or misused, others of which are just confusing and all of which are tired. Start-ups and corporate offices alike are guilty of the trend.

Here are 21 of the most cringe-worthy business phrases we recommend you stop using immediately.

21. "Ping me."

20. "Let's action that."

19. "Take it offline."

18. "Let me pick your brain."

17. "Content is king."

16. "Circle back."

15. "All hands on deck."

14. "Par for the course."

13. "Tee it up."

12. "Touch base."

11. "Put a pin in it."

10. "Move the needle."

9. "Dive deeper."

8. "We have limited bandwidth."

7. "Flesh it out."

6. "Reach out."

5. "Low-hanging fruit."

4. "Drill down."

3. "Keep me posted."

2. "Table that."

1. "Nailed it."

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