Billion Dollar Buyer

Billion Dollar Buyer: "Don't Go Rogue on Me" gallery


Meet Luke and Mara of Wizard Creations, a branded merchandise company that specializes in experiential marketing.

Wizard Creations definitely knows how to greet a guest!

Tilman challenges Luke and Mara to use their experiential marketing skills at a party on his yacht, but they make the bad decision to also market their own company at this party.

Wizard Creations gets one last chance to shine at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. Luke and Mara create an experience where guests grab a piece of "gold" with a number on it, which corresponds to a prize.

As much as Tilman appreciates Luke's passion and energy, Tilman doesn't accept Wizard Creations' bid as he is unimpressed with the work they did on his yacht and at his casino.

Sean, the managing partner of Smart LED Concepts, left his friends and family in Ireland to start his own business and live the American Dream.

Sean demonstrates to Tilman how few watts LED lights use compared MR-16 lights.

Tilman challenges Sean and Tim, Smart LED Concepts lead technician, to light the Police Foundation Gala in Houston using LED technology.

Sean and Tim light a Chart House in Florida to demonstrate their creative abilities to Tilman.

It's a deal! Tilman places an order with Smart LED Concepts to light his new Mastro's Steakhouse in Ft. Lauderdale knowing that, in the next 10 years, these lights will save him $128,000.