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Conservative economist Hassett on Trump's short list to lead Council of Economic Advisors: Official

Conservative economist Kevin Hassett is "on a long short list" to take the helm of the Council of Economic Advisors in the Trump administration, CNBC has learned.

Hassett, director of research for domestic policy for the American Enterprise Institute, is a tax expert with a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. His presence in the administration would address the concern of some economists, including former Republican and Democratic chairmen of the panel, that Trump lacked academic economists on his team. Hassett has published several articles in the peer-reviewed American Economic Review.

Kevin Hassett, economist.
Evan Vucci | AP

A decision may be coming as soon as this weekend, and it appeared from several sources that Hassett was a leading candidate, though one Trump official would not characterize him that way.

Hasset was an economic adviser to presidential candidates John McCain, George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, columnist for the National Review and a former economist at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.