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Davos WEF

We’re not going to sign up to a bad deal, says UK’s May

I'm a promoter of free trade: UK PM May

British prime minister Theresa May has re-emphasized her government's unwillingness to agree to a poor deal for the U.K. in leaving the EU, in comments to CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday.

May sounded a positive note over how the upcoming Brexit discussions will unfold for the U.K.

"What we're doing is setting out very clearly for people what the position will be," she began, referring to the spate of announcements she has made from the global summit this week.

"I'm optimistic, I anticipate, I expect we'll be able to negotiate a good deal," she continued before adding in no uncertain terms that she will not compromise her country's future.

"But we're not going to sign up to a bad deal."

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